Texas Hog Hunting

If you are looking for a thrilling adventure with a great reward, consider joining us at Copper Breaks Ranch for the best Texas wild hog hunting trip around. Our property is located in northern Texas near the town of Quanah and is the prime location for hunting feral hogs. We have experienced guides who are passionate about helping you have an enjoyable and rewarding wild boar hunt.

How does the hunt work?

When you book a hunt with us at Copper Breaks Ranch we will have a place for you to lodge and we will provide you with a guided hunt. We hunt using optimally placed blinds throughout our ranch. The ranch is fully functional with HB feeders throughout the ranch. The blinds protect our hunters during not so desired weather. Our hogs are corn fed near our blinds to ensure the wild hogs are at the optimum size. Our wild hog hunting ranch is a wonderful place for a getaway.

How do your guides help?

Picture of a man who killed a hogHaving a guide who can help you during wild hog hunting is a wonderful asset and enables your hunt to go smoother and be more exciting. Our guides have expert knowledge and experience in all of the following:

This experience and knowledge is very beneficial when hog hunting, because wild hogs are surprisingly cunning and intelligent. They learn quickly from previous experience and are capable of picking up the scent of humans from far away. Some have said wild hogs are capable of picking up the smell of a human from a mile away and can smell truffles three feet underground. Whether or not they are capable of such feats, they do have an incredibly acute sense of smell. Having a trained guide with you can save you from making mistakes that will ruin your opportunity for killing a wild hog.

Can I use the meat from hog hunting?

Picture of a young man with two dead wild hogsMany people wonder, if I have a successful hunt and have killed a large wild boar, will I be able to use the meat? The answer is yes, the meat from wild boar is suitable for eating and with the proper procedures you can have a large quantity of edible meat on your hands post hunt. Our hogs have been corn fed on our property, so they make for some of the best wild hog eating around. We have compiled some useful information for you to use post-hunt for keeping your wild hog meat:

Feel free to ask us any questions you have about the hunting process or meat preparation process.

How do I book a hog hunting adventure?

There are a couple ways you can book your hunt. You can call us at: 817-304-3546 Or you can even book online! It’s that simple. We look forward to having you join us. We know you will not only have a great hunt, but you will have a great time at our locally owned and operated Texas hunting ranch. 

If you are looking for an affordable, fun adventure at a Texas wild hog hunting ranch, you have found the right place. Call Hogs Wild today!